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CBD vape oils are the CBD-infused e-juices with which vape pens and carts administer CBD to the body. They do not have nicotine but are not entirely safe. This article takes you through all you need to know about CBD vape oils.

CBD vape oils are like CBD oil but vary significantly in ingredients. Although they feature CBD as the critical ingredient, they do not have the same base oils as CBD oils and tinctures, nor do they feature nicotine. Unlike other vaping e-juices, CBD-infused vape oils do not have nicotine, hence why they are not addictive and do not leave one dependent on them. Still, they are not entirely safe, and according to a CDC report, vaping CBD may lead to lung issues, cancer, and other health complications. This article looks at CBD vape oils, their contents, and if they have nicotine, among other concerns.

The Basics of CBD

CBD vape oils result from CBD, making it necessary for you to know what CBD is. Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020) defined CBD as a non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and cannabis plants. Such plants boast many active compounds generally called cannabinoids. There are many cannabinoids, synthetic and natural, and CBD is one of them. According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD features therapeutic properties, all the more why people relate to it and flock to its products. Still, its non-psychoactive properties stand out since it can deliver the expected results without making you feel ‘high.’

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

The JustCBD store has many products, including vapes that come in different flavors and tastes. When you are new to CBD and are contemplating buying CBD items, you certainly want to know what CBD vape oils are. They are like regular CBD products but significantly vary. Although they have CBD as the major ingredient, CBD vape oils are not ingested. The JustCBD pineapple express, OG, strawberry cheesecake, cookie, and other flavored CBD vape oils are not ingested like the rest of CBD oils and tinctures. Rather, they are inhaled using a vape cart or pen, both of which you can find in the JustCBD online store. Besides, although the vape oils have a base carrier oil, it is less viscous than what the counterpart CBD oils have.

Does CBD Vape Oil Contain Nicotine?

You need to know what CBD vape oils contain if you are choosing them as your ideal CD delivery method. Any of the JustCBD vape oils feature CBD, 20% propylene glycol, and 80% vegetable glycerin. Do they have nicotine, even in trace amounts? No. In fact, JustCBD vape oils are clean and have no PG or other compounds that make them unstable for inhalation. Like other CBD products we offer, they are 3rd party tested and the results are posted online at the Lab Reports centralized hub, and a click away opens the reports. This, you can confidently vape JustCBD vape oils without fear of breathing in the addictive nicotine.

Benefits of CBD Vaping

Are you thinking about joining the CBD regime and vaping CBD vape oils? One of your major online searches would involve the benefits or pros of CBD vape oils. One certain thing is that vape oils allow you to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD stated by Watt & Karl (2017). Other research alludes to the benefits of CBD, most of which you can reap by vaping the CBD vape oils. For instance, according to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD can fight inflammation, and people look for anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD in vape oils. As though that is not enough, CBD vape oils are less viscous than conventional CBD oils, and vaping them allows CBD to reach the lungs fast since the vape oils are less viscous and deliver CBD vapor to the lungs almost instantly. Thus, you can look forward to fast results with CBD by vaping these oils. Besides, the equipment with which vape oils are used as easy to maintain and cheap in the long run.

Cons of Vaping CBD

Even though CBD vape oils seem to have many perks, they have their fair share of challenges. For instance, the massive lack of CBD arena means that not all CBD brands that claim to offer quality CBD oil do so. It does not come as a surprise that some CBD oils would have contaminants even if they don’t have nicotine. However, at JustCBD, the centralized Lab Report hub allows you to view the CBD vape oil profile, ensuring that you know what you are taking in with the CBD vape oils. Other than the lack of regulation of the CBD industry, the CDC (2020) report established that vaping (inhaling CBD vape oils) CBD led to many hospitalizations, lung issues, and cancer, and would be a probable cause of many deaths. Therefore, CBD vape oils deliver CBD results fast but are not entirely safe.

How to Find the Best CBD Vape Oils

The best CBD products are not real in practice. CBD research is ongoing and there is much to be unveiled about the cannabinoid. However, focusing on some properties boosts your chances of landing quality CBD vape oils. For instance, you need to focus on;

  1. Organic farming practices; JustCBD is one of the many CBD stores and companies that feature organic farming practices when growing hemp, increasing the safety profile of their CBD vape oils.
  2. 3rd party testing; reputable CBD brands run 3rd party tests and post the results online on their websites to reveal the cannabinoid profiles of their CBD vape oils and to show how safe they are for consumption.
  3. GMP compliance; brands like JustCBD focus on manufacturing CBD in GMP-compliant facilities, ensuring the highest safety standards are followed throughout the process.
  4. The CBD vape oil content; read the CoA of CBD vape oils carefully to ascertain that the products you are buying have no contaminants, including the addictive nicotine.


Different cartridges hold different amounts of CBD oil. A cartridge can be as low as 0.3 ml of CBD oil to 1 ml of CBD oil. Consumers can choose the product they need depending on the potency, strength, and ingredients contained in the cartridge.
Different cartridges have a different shelf life and depend on how best it was manufactured and sealed. The original shelf life of a cartridge is 24 months, but others can take as long as 26 months. How best a person stores the cartridge determines how long it can stay. The cartridge should be kept in a cool and dry place.
It is easier to reuse refillable vape cartridges. One needs to twist the mouthpiece anticlockwise till it comes off. Then, one is advised to fill a dropper or syringe with the concentrate. Most cartridges hold between 0.5grams to 1 gram of CBD vape oil and have a marked line. After filling the cartridge, close it clockwise till it is tight enough.
Vaping CBD oil cannot make an individual 'high.' When people consume CBD vape oil, they tend to feel calm and relaxed, unlike the highnesses of THC.
Vapes do not contain nicotine. Most refillable vapes can be used as non-nicotine vapes.


CBD vape oils have CBD and a base oil that’s less viscous to allow for fast heating of the cannabinoid and subsequent vaporization. However, they have no nicotine, which is why CBD vape oils will not make you dependent on them. Looking at the 3rd party test results helps you see what your CBD vape oils have. Peer into this article to understand everything about CBD vape oils.


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