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Any CBD deliverable method, including CBD vapor, should not make you high. However, too much THC in the cannabinoid vapor may make you fail a drug test. Here is all you need to understand about getting ‘high’ by CBD vapor.

CBD products like vapor are becoming more popular today since they will not make you ‘high.’ Of course, there seems to be more for CBD, including its non-psychoactive nature, but many fans relate to the cannabinoid’s ability to make you feel CBD effects without making you intoxicated. Many people also wonder if taking CBD will make you fail a drug test. Naturally, CBD should not make you fail a test but the THC amounts may jeopardize things. The more the THC in the CBD vapor, the higher the chances of you failing drug tests. This article is your informant, helping you understand all you need to about whether CBD vapor gets you ‘high.’

Introducing CBD

This section helps you understand CBD before looking at whether it can get you ‘high.’ Although many people are into the cannabinoid, with a good number taking it as part of their regimen, many do not understand it. Thus, it is more than critical to set things straight and elaborate on it. According to Bauer et al. (2020) and Massi et al. (2006), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid majorly found in hemp and marijuana plants. The two belong to the cannabis class and like the rest of the plants in this class, have chemical compounds called cannabinoids. There are more than 140 cannabinoids in nature and CBD is one. It is especially popular among the rest of the cannabinoids and comes in many deliverable methods, as shown below.

CBD Deliverable Methods

The body cannot take in CBD as a compound. However, when it comes to different deliverable methods, it can reach the bloodstream for the results to surface. There are many CBD delivery methods you can tap on when considering the cannabinoid for health reasons or for your overall well-being. You can choose between;

  1. CBD oils and tinctures; are the primary ways of delivering CBD to the body since they allow for fast absorption and results, although you have to interact with CBD bitterness and earthiness.
  2. CBD vape oils; you can inhale CBD by vaping oils to deliver the cannabinoid almost instantly. Like CBD oils and tinctures, vape oils allow for fast delivery, absorption, and results.
  3. CBD topicals; you can opt for CBD creams, roll-ons, or lotions to feel CBD effects without letting the cannabinoid interact with your bloodstream. Still, there is no certainty about the topicals’ effectiveness, and more research is into this.
  4. CBD edibles; are food-like means of delivering CBD, including gummies, desserts, savory foods, snacks, drinks, and beverages. Although they deliver the cannabinoid with taste and flavor, they need digestion before releasing CBD, and it might take longer for the CBD effects to kick in with them.
  5. CBD capsules; if you find it challenging to take CBD oils and tinctures because they are earthy and bitter, you may want to opt for capsules that are great at masking the taste, although they are not flavored like edibles. Still, they need digestion to release CBD into the system and may delay the effects of the cannabinoid.

Types of CBD Vapor

Do you want to vape CBD oil? You may want to know what types of vapes are there. Any CBD product comes in at least one of the following formulations, depending on their composition;

  1. Isolate-based CBD; features no compound but CBD. They are about 99% pure and have no additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, and deliver CBD without taste and flavor unless stated.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD; unlike isolates; full-spectrum CBD features CBD with the entire range of cannabinoids, including THC. Besides, it has terpenes and flavonoids, making it great for those wishing to enjoy a full entourage effect which according to VanDolah et al. (2019), comes from multiple compounds.

Does CBD Vapor Get You ‘High’?

Vaping CBD makes you feel the effects fast. Inhaling the cannabinoid allows the bloodstream to get CBD fast, hence the fast results. Are you contemplating taking CBD through vape oils? You may want to know if the vapor will make you high or stoned. According to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is intoxicating and is the very compound responsible for the ‘high’ effect of smoking weed. Since CBD is not THC, it should not make you ‘high.’ Does this mean that you can vape any amount of CBD and look forward to keeping your cool? Much depends on the THC concentration in the CBD vapor. The higher the THC, the greater the chance of getting ‘high.’ However, as long as you stick to isolate or broad-spectrum CBD vapor from a reputable firm that’s true to its labeling, you can expect to enjoy CBD vapor without feeling intoxicated.

Will CBD Vapor Show Up in a Drug Test?

Many CBD users wonder if taking CBD through vapor or other deliverable methods will make them fail drug tests. Of course, you will not get high from THC-free CBD vapor, but will you fail a drug test with the same? Drug tests look for THC and its metabolites. Thus, buying THC-free JustCBD vape oils will not make you fail drug tests. Meanwhile, full-spectrum CBD oils or THC-free CBD vape oils from any brand (whose THC-free claims cannot be verified) may make you test positive for drug tests. Therefore, you need to be more cautious when buying CBD vape oils, especially if you take drug tests occasionally. There is no sure way to tell a brand’s accuracy level relative to claims. However, a CBD product 3rd party test puts things right. Therefore, when buying CBD products, focus on brands that 3rd party test their products and upload the results online.


When an individual vapes CBD, it can stay in the system for around three to six hours, depending on the amount consumed, the product consumed, and the body's chemistry. Some individuals have a small body that metabolizes the product faster, while others take longer to metabolize the product. When consumed, CBD vaping can be felt within a short time because it is absorbed directly from the lungs into the bloodstream.
No. When an individual consumes CBD, they cannot feel high. CBD is non-intoxicating in nature and non-psychoactive, as individuals can not feel 'high' when they consume it but will feel calm and relaxed. Contrastingly, THC makes an individual experience euphoric effects.
When an individual smokes CBD, they feel calm and relaxed. They can feel lightweight and feel tired after consuming high amounts. CBD is well tolerated by many and is thus deemed safe.
There has been no known addiction that results from CBD. However, when individuals frequently consume CBD, they can gain tolerance to the product.
Consuming CBD cannot cause red eyes because it does not bind to the receptors the same way THC does. An individual's psychological response to CBD differs from that of THC.


CBD vapor should not get you ‘high,’ especially if you source your CBD products from a reputable brand. Still, the THC content of the CBD vapor matters, and the higher the THC levels, the bigger the chances of getting intoxicated from the cannabinoid. THC-free CBD should not make you fail drug tests. To pass such tests, focus on THC-free CBD options from reputable brands like JustCBD.


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