CBD is legal in Minnesota as long as it is sourced from hemp, and so is delta- 8 THC, so you can buy them online from a reputable supplier or in-store from head shops and vape stores. Medical marijuana is legal; you can buy it in the dispensaries if you have a card. In contrast, recreational marijuana remains illegal, and possessing it warrants a fine and other criminal charges.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plans. Because it is non-psychoactive, people easily connect to it and want to tap into its products. Other studies claim that CBD is therapeutic, another reason people go for it. Yet, this article is not for medical advice, but it’s only informational. It looks at the cannabis laws in Minnesota, how they affect the legal status of CBD and where to buy it. Before then, let’s expound on what CBD is.

What Is CBD?

Before seeing where to buy CBD in Minnesota, you must know CBD and be fully sure of what you are trying to get. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Cannabinoids refer to active chemical compounds in cannabis plants with varying or the same properties, and CBD is one of them. It stands out for its non-psychoactive properties, one of the sole reasons people opt for it since it cannot make you high. Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, another core reason people go for CBD. Because of the therapeutic claims, people take CBD for inflammation, pain, or stress, although there is not enough evidence to prove CBD can help with any of the claimed health challenges.


Are you planning to buy CBD products in Minnesota? You must know the differences between CBD and THC. The two are cannabinoids with similar atoms in similar proportions, although they have different effects. According to Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make you high. Meanwhile, Schlienz et al. (2018) noted that THC is psychoactive and will make you feel high. Thus, while one does not make you high, another will make you feel high, like when you take weed. Some forms of CBD have THC, hence the need to know how to differentiate the two close but different cannabinoids.

Is CBD Legal in Minnesota?

Minnesota is one of the states in the US you could visit to buy CBD. Hemp-derived CBD is wholly legal, and you can buy it online or in stores and dispensaries. In 2014, the Agricultural Act was passed, making hemp with its derivatives like CBD legal as long as they have less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana-sourced CBD is also legal, but you need a Minnesota medical marijuana card to buy it from the medical marijuana dispensaries. Still, if you don’t have a medical marijuana card, the best way to get CBD is to shop it online from a reputable supplier.  

Where to Buy CBD in Minnesota

Are you in Minnesota and would like to buy CBD? Your best shot is a reliable online supplier. This way, you have access to many CBD brands to choose from, the JustCBD store being among the best companies. If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, online shopping for CBD is still the best option for you to get your favorite CBD pick. Online and in-store shopping has pros and cons, and the next section helps you appreciate them, so you may choose the best option to go for.

CBD Online

Since CBD is legal in Minnesota as long as it is sourced from hemp, you may want to buy it online. This is the most convenient way to buy CBD and comes with many benefits. Since you pay delivery fees, you can have CBD orders delivered to your doorstep. Besides, online CBD shopping allows you have many options to choose from. You can buy CBD products from different companies and access different products, including CBD oils, tinctures, vapes, topicals, and edibles. As if this is not enough, buying CBD online allows users to access enough information about a company before settling for it, and in case of any questions, the online customer service reps can answer them to your satisfaction. However, the online shopping of CBD also has unique challenges, which you must deal with. For instance, since there are many companies to choose from, it is easy to settle for a brand offering low-quality CBD unless one takes the time to vet brands.

Buying CBD in Stores

Do you fancy in-store shopping and would like to buy CBD products from the stores in Minnesota? Hemp-derived CBD is wholly legal in Minnesota, and you can easily find it. You can track your way to the head shops, natural health stores, and vape stores offering CBD and shop your ideal products. Following the widespread CBD consumption, many dealers can take advantage of clients and offer low-quality CBD. Thus, you must take steps to ensure the CBD you are buying is high quality. Avoid brands that make outlandish claims about CBD and focus on companies that use clean CO2 extraction to extract CBD from hemp surfaces, test products by 3ed parties, and offer 3rd party test results for easy viewing.

Cannabis Laws in Minnesota- Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

In 2014, the Agricultural Act was passed, which saw Minnesota make medical marijuana legal. Minnesota thus became the 22nd state to pronounce medical marijuana legal. However, compared to other states, Minnesota has not done so much. For instance, medical cannabis is only legal for people with debilitating medical conditions, and only to some degree. Besides, you can only have oils and extracts but cannot smoke medical marijuana even if you have the card. You only have access to these products if you are seriously ill, and giving medical marijuana to another person results in a $3,000 fine.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota

You must have a medical marijuana card to buy medical marijuana extracts and oils in this state. Before getting the card, you must be from Minnesota and provide proof of residence. With this, conditions like cancer, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, severe pain, epilepsy, severe spasms, and others listed by the stat make you eligible to get the card. If you have one of the conditions, visit a doctor who reviews your medical records and recommends cannabis. Carry the medical cannabis form during the visit, have it filled, and wait for an email from the Medical Cannabis Registry. Once the registry gets back to you, you must provide some information, including your legal name, phone number, address, medical evaluation form, and state-issued ID. You also need to pay $200 for the process to complete. Notice that the Minnesota medical marijuana license allows you to have oils and extracts and not smokable materials, and even with what you have, you cannot share them with another person or get a $3,000 fine. Besides, unlike many states that allow people to grow marijuana plants with a license, medical cannabis patients are not allowed to grow marijuana. Besides, even with the card, you cannot control the form of cannabis you can have and the dosage since it is left to the discretion of the cannabis center to decide this. In 2021, the Minnesota House of Reps voted for medical cannabis with a 72- 61 poll but the bill stalled in the Senate. Minnesotans look forward to the bill going through to make the laws flex a little.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal?

What do the Minnesota cannabis laws say about recreational cannabis? If caught with cannabis without a medical cannabis card (i.e., for recreational purposes), you will be charged as a criminal. For instance, less than 42.5 g of marijuana is a misdemeanor, warranting a $200 fine and a possible cannabis education term. More than 42.5 g of cannabis is a felony, leading to a $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Can you have marijuana on the card without a medical cannabis card? This is also treated as a crime, and anything more than 1. 4 g will lead to 30 days in jail and a $1000 fine. Recreational cannabis has strict measures since it is considered a Schedule I drug (it is highly psychoactive, has not been proven to have medical benefits, and cannot be used safely under medical supervision).

Delta- 8 THC in Minnesota

Delta- 8 THC is a delta- 9 THC isomer. The two have the same atoms in the same proportions. According to Kruger & Kruger (2022), delta- 8 is the younger, better and friendlier sibling of delta- 8 since it is mild in action. People like delta- 8 THC since it is less psychoactive; it leads to a high effect, but the effects are milder than delta- 9 THC, explaining why many vouch for delta- 8 THC. What is the state of delta- 8 in Minnesota? It is legal, and you can easily have it. Still, you must know that many states have banned delta- 8 THC, so you must be cautious when thinking about traveling with it. There have been discussions claiming that delta- 8 THC is synthetic, hence why some states consider it illegal.      

How to Buy Delta- 8 in Minnesota

Are you in Minnesota and would like to explore delta- 8 for its claimed benefits? People who cannot get the Minnesota medical cannabis card resort to delta- 8 THC since the compounds are almost similar. You can buy delta- 8 THC online from a reputable supplier since this is the best shot to take. Besides, you can shop the cannabinoid in-store from nearby head shops, vape stores, and natural health spots. Still, you must know that, like CBD, many dealers want to take advantage of people’s thirst for delta- 8 THC, and it is not shocking to come across low-quality delta- 8 THC products. Thus, you must take the needed steps to protect yourself from such. The only way to do so is to identify a reputable supplier and check 3rd party tests before paying for the cannabinoid.


Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp-derived CBD became federally legal, and many states have since efforts to legalize it. Minnesota is one of the US states that have made CBD from hemp legal since 2014. The same is true of marijuana-derived CBD; you can legally buy and possess it as long as you have one of the listed medical conditions and have a medical cannabis card. Delta- 8 THC is also legal; you can shop it online or in stores. Recreational marijuana remains illegal, and possessing it warrants criminal charges and fines as explained above. Would you like to buy CBD in Minnesota? Your best shot is a reputable online supplier since they are more convenient and allow many benefits. You could also shop CBD in the stores, and you must take the right measures to protect yourself from dealers that offer low-quality CBD.


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