Hemp-derived CBD and delta- 8 THC are legal in Missouri, and the best shot at buying both is going online. You can also buy CBD and delta- 8 THC from the stores, but you must note that marijuana is illegal unless for medical purposes.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid mostly extracted from hemp. It remained under the radar for long and was declared legal federally in 2018 as long as it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight and is sourced from hemp. Since then, many states have been taking steps to legalize CBD, and Missouri is one such state that allows legal consumption of CBD with less than 0.3% THC. This article is informational; it helps you know the state of CBD in Missouri and where to buy it in this state, but it does not offer any medical advice for CBD. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Missouri has strict cannabis laws and considers marijuana illegal, unless for medical purposes, with strict regulations still abounding. Here is all you need to know about buying CBD in Missouri.

What Is CBD?

A lot is yet to be understood about CBD. So far, there is information on what it is. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are active chemical compounds in cannabis plants and are more than 100 in nature. Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, one of the reasons people like it. Do you want to buy CBD in Missouri? You must know its legal status.

Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Are you planning to move to Missouri and are a CBD consumer? You certainly want to know the legal status of CBD in this state. Is CBD legal in Missouri? Yes, CBD is wholly legal in Missouri, but with a few stipulations. According to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, hemp and its derivatives with less than 0.3% THC are legal at federal levels. Thus, such CBD is legal in Missouri, and you can easily track your way to one of the reputable sources to get your favorite CBD picks.

Where to Buy CBD in Missouri

Would you like to get CBD from your Missouri residence? You can buy CBD online in the stores or hop into one of the local stores to get CBD. Whether online or in the stores, there is every need for you to know how to verify the quality of CBD you want to buy in Missouri. Many dealers take advantage of the increased need for CBD and offer low-quality CBD products that do not offer true value for your hard-earned cash. Meanwhile, vetting a brand well before ordering CBD makes it possible to land quality items.

Online Shopping of CBD

When it comes to buying CBD in Missouri, online shopping is the best shot. Buying CBD online means you can access many CBD brands from which to choose. Besides, you have many products to choose from. For instance, the JustCBD store is one of the reputable CBD dealers with every CBD product you want- gummies, honey sticks, balms, patches, oils, tinctures, capsules, soft gels, and body products. Buying CBD online in Missouri has pros and cons, which you must consider, and the pros outweigh the cons. Imagine the convenience of buying CBD online and having the orders brought to your doorstep. You have all the time to run other errands and still enjoy CBD at your convenience. Online shopping allows you to view all the information about a brand and vet it well before settling for a CBD product, and in case of any question, you can pose it on the brand’s website and get answered almost instantly. This way, you are well-informed about a brand before buying its CBD products.

CBD in the Stores

With CBD being legal in Missouri, it is not impossible to track your way to a local shop or head store with CBD products and buy them. JustCBD is fast growing and has physical CBD stores you could visit to get your favorite CBD product, from CBD oils to vapes. As with online shopping, you must take steps to ensure the CBD product you are buying is quality and that you are not taking yourself for a ride. The next section reveals how to protect yourself from being duped when buying CBD in-store and online in Missouri. 

Verifying CBD Quality in Missouri

Whether you are buying CBD online or in the stores in Missouri, you must protect yourself from buying products that do not offer true value for their cost. Here is how to do so;

  1. Check for full-spectrum CBD labeling to ensure you benefit from CBD and other cannabis compounds.
  2. Read through the 3rd party test results to confirm quality.
  3. Ensure the product has no contaminants.
  4. Ensure the brand does not make outlandish medical claims about CBD.

Is Recreational Legal in Missouri?

Missouri is one of the states with strict cannabis laws. Currently, recreational cannabis is illegal in Missouri. Thus, having and selling cannabis is punishable by the law. How much punishment you get depends on how much cannabis you have and your criminal history. For instance, a first-time offense of possessing less than 10 g of cannabis leads to a fine. The second-time offense of the same amount is considered a misdemeanor and may lead to a $500 fine and additional 1-year imprisonment. Meanwhile, possessing more than 10 g of cannabis is regarded as a class A misdemeanor and may lead to a year of jail term. Selling recreational marijuana is punishable heavily by the law. For instance, sales of less than 5 g of cannabis lead to 7 years in jail and a $5,000 fine, while selling more than 5 g of cannabis leads to 5- 15 years in jail with up to $20,000 fines.

Cannabis Laws: Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Missouri?

All is not lost since marijuana is illegal in Missouri. Do you need marijuana for medical reasons and wonder if it is legal in Missouri? Following the passing of Amendment 2 in 2018, medical cannabis was declared legal in Missouri. Unlike most states that have qualifying medical conditions from which, if you suffer, you can get marijuana for medical purposes, Missouri is different. It does not have qualifying medical conditions that make it possible to access marijuana. Instead, all you have to do is get a doctor to recommend marijuana for you. The passing of Amendment 2 also meant that cannabis is charged a 4% tax, translating to $24 million revenue used to support military service.  

Can You Plant Marijuana in Missouri?

If you have a medical cannabis card, you can plant marijuana. Amendment 2 passing also meant that people with a medical cannabis card can plant up to 6 marijuana plants. Besides, they can access up to 4 ounces of medical cannabis from the dispensaries per month. However, you must realize that this is only a privilege for medical cannabis licensed patients and not medical marijuana. Thus, if you are licensed to possess medical cannabis, you cannot plant marijuana or buy it from dispensaries.

Cannabis Laws: Is Delta- 8 THC Legal in Missouri?

Delta- 8 is an isomer of THC, another cannabinoid that is fast growing and becoming more popular. According to Kruger & Kruger (2022), delta- 8 THC is a younger and better sibling to delta- 9 THC since it is mild in action and not as psychoactive as delta- 9 THC. Thus, many people are after it to enjoy delta- 9 THC, and you may want to know its legal status in Missouri. Well, Missouri considers delta- 8 THC legal, so you can easily buy it. Under federal law, delta- 8 THC is treated as CBD as long as it is sourced from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC. Still, you must know that it causes the high effect of smoking weed, although it is milder in action than delta- 9 THC.     

Where to Buy Delta- 8 THC in Missouri

Would you like to buy delta- 8 THC from your Missouri location? As with CBD, there are two options you could go for to get delta- 8 THC. The best shot is to buy delta- 8 THC from a reputable online supplier. Secondly, you could visit vape stores, natural health points, and brick-and-mortar stores to buy delta- 8 THC. Still, you must ensure that you get quality delta- 8 and do not take yourself for a ride. Delta- 8 THC is as widely unregulated as CBD, and it’s not shocking to come across brands that deal in low-quality delta- 8 THC. That said, focusing on the following pillars increases your chances of landing quality delta- 8 THC;

  1. 3rd party testing; since the cannabis world is largely unregulated, the only sure way you can ascertain the quality of a cannabinoid is to look up its 3rd party test results, and you certainly need the same for delta- 8 THC.
  2. THC concentration; while the federal law allows legal consumption, buying, selling, and possessing of delta- n8 THC, it should not have more than 0.3% THC, so you must ensure this is the case for the delta- 8 THC product of your choice.
  3. Contaminant purity; through the 3rd party test results, you can tell how pure a delta- 8 THC product is. Ensure it has no heavy metals, solvents, organic matter, and other standard contaminants.
  4. Medical claims; since delta- 8 THC has not been proved to treat anything despite the many medical claims that surround it, ensure the brand from which you are buying your delta- 8 THC products does not make outlandish claims about the cannabinoid.
  5. Full-spectrum delta- 8 THC; cannabinoids in the full-spectrum formulation allow you to get the most from them and additional cannabis compounds, hence why you should ensure your delta- 8 THC is full-spectrum.
  6. Extraction method; some states have labeled delta- 8 THC as illegal since they claim that it is synthetic. While delta- 8 THC is natural (extracted from hemp), the extraction method used to strip it from the cannabis plant could make it be labeled as synthetic when it actually is not.
  7. Quality; while prices are a factor when buying any cannabinoid since you want a compound that helps you save on the cost, you should not compromise quality at the expense of cheap pricing.
  8. Brand transparency; the more transparent a brand is, the better placed you are to know more about it, allowing you to settle for what you understand.


CBD is legal in Missouri, and you can purchase it online as the best shop. Online shopping allows you the convenience of having your orders brought to your doorsteps while you have the whole time to run your other errands. As long as your CBD has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight and is sourced from hemp, you can buy it in brick-and-mortar stores in Missouri. Either way, you must take care to ensure you have the right quality of CBD and that you are not taking yourself for a ride by checking the 3rd party test results and if a brand makes any medical claims. Delta- 8 THC is also legal; you can buy it online and in stores. Marijuana remains largely illegal, although there are limited medical conditions allowing you to access it.


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