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CBD Oil For Dogs

These CBD dog treats give your best bud the flavor he wants, and the quality he deserves. With our savory treats, you’ll never again have to fuss with measuring oil through a dropper, and no more sneaking the oil into your dog’s treats or food!

Our CBD dog treats are made with real beef and chicken, along with top notch cannabidiol to give your doggo the best treat quality possible.

These treats are so tasty, your dog won’t know the difference between our CBD dog treats and the treats he had before.

Our CBD dog treats are currently available in the flavors Steak Bites and Chicken Meatballs.

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JustPets CBD Dog Treats

There is no one-size-fits-all dosage for CBD, whether it’s humans, cats, or dogs. For dogs who are new to CBD oil, start with a low dosage so you can better gauge their reaction, and always consult a vet when in doubt.
In some parts of the US, there are CBD stores specifically meant for selling CBD dog treats, but more pet supply stores are offering CBD products as well. On top of that, a growing numbers of CBD stores for humans are beginning to sell products for cats and dogs. If you’re not sure which is the most promising location in your area, try calling up local businesses or checking online.
There is not enough evidence to indicate that CBD can help dogs with anxiety, and our products are not meant to cure, treat, or heal anxiety disorders. If you believe that your dog is experiencing anxiety, always consult your veterinarian about the best options.
There is not enough evidence to prove that CBD can work as a medical treatment, and we do not claim to treat or cure any illnesses or ailments with our products.
CBD dog treats can be given to your dog at mealtime, though many owners give their dogs a CBD treat 45 minutes to an hour before an activity or event that may be stressful for them, like fireworks, road trips, vet visits, etc.

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