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Zap redness, irritation and pain before it spreads with our best-selling cream in its most potent formula.Potent plant power’s the name of the game with this concentrated blend, using ingredients that come together to create a truly soothing solution.  Members of the mix include aloe vera, witch hazel, coconut oil, and vegetable-based glycerin. And for the coup de gras, CBD pain relief cream 250mg, 500,1 000 mg of hemp-derived CBD works as the #1 ingredient to penetrate the dermal skin layer and reach CB2 the receptors in your muscles.  Our customers love this CBD cream because they say it’s fast-acting for minor joint pain and muscle soreness, and that it absorbs quickly and easily; no strong scent, and no greasy residue. And since this formula’s free of fragrance or irritating ingredients, this CBD cream is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

CBD Pain Relief Cream 1000 mg

Each of these CBD pain creams incorporate a dose of CBD higher than the rest; those who are new to using CBD pain cream are recommended to start with the 250 mg, while those who’ve gotten used to CBD pain cream may do better with the 1000 mg dose.
It’s most ideal to apply CBD pain cream at times when you know pain is going to kick in soon, such as immediately after an intense workout. This way, you’ll have a better chance of feeling relief without dealing with pain for too long.
Some studies have observed that menthol creams can help improve circulation when added to pain relief cream, and some individuals with severe joint and muscle pain have reported success with using CBD cream. However, more research is needed before the FDA can determine whether CBD creams are an effective pain treatment.
While more research is needed before claims can be made about CBD for treating pain, CBD pain cream has become a popular choice for athletes, whether it’s for treating sore, strained muscles, or helping with minor sports injuries.
When understanding how to use CBD pain cream, determining the right dosage is key. Ideally, start with a small dose before gradually increasing when needed.



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