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Cookie Flavored CBD Vape Oil

There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly baked, warm cookies. That’s why this cookie flavored CBD vape oil is one of our most popular products. The flavor is reminiscent of childhood.

Nothing about this CBD vape oil feels artificial, but rather like a warm excerpt from your childhood. If you like sweet bakery delights, trying this CBD vape oil is a must! And no, it will not give you the munchies, but instead, satisfy your sweet tooth! Not every vape juice company can craft the rich, ooey-gooey deliciousness you get with our cookie flavor. Our customers love this CBD vape oil because it actually tastes like mom’s homemade cookies!

If you like CBD the vape oils that take you to the bakery, please also see our Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. Whether it’s a tough shift in the office, or a long week with the kiddos, Cookie vape oil is the comfort food for your soul, and exactly what you need to unwind.

This product is available in 60ml bottles of 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg of CBD oil.

Cookie Flavored CBD Vape Oil

There is no set dosage requirements or recommendations for CBD vape oil. People new to vaping should always use the lowest dosage and monitor any side effects when going up in dosage to regulate what is right for their body mass versus chemical makeup tolerance level. The same goes for how often to vape oil or use vape juice.
The dosage should start off small and the frequency should be dictated by your own comfort level and body’s response.
There are no recommendations made by the FDA for CBD and any benefits it may have, and as such, we don’t claim or condone CBD as a treatment for any kind of ailment. Ultimately, the effects of CBD oil will vary from person to person, but for many individuals, it’s been reported to work as a source of relief and relaxation. And when enjoyed as a CBD vape, the effects may work particularly quick. In rare cases, however, CBD has had a paradoxical effect in which the opposite happens. In these cases, it’s often because the user is taking too much CBD, and should lower their dosage, but in less common cases, this can indicate that the user is having an adverse reaction.
Whether you plan to vape your CBD or take it sublingually, we believe that being transparent and using only natural products and this is what we suggest makes the best CBD products.
There is no guarantee that CBD will improve your sleep, but some users report that CBD in the evening has improved their sleep quality to some extent. Again, though, this can vary from person to person.
CBD has become quite popular among seniors over the age of 62, most commonly for the purpose of pain relief in the joints and muscles. That being said, it’s strongly advised that you consult your geriatrician about taking CBD beforehand.
The arrival of your CBD vape oil is quick, but depends on exactly where in the world you reside. Please see our FAQ section for more specifics on ordering products and arrival dates.
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100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg