CBD Oil For Dogs – Chicken Flavored

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Both cats and dogs love the flavor of chicken. That’s why this chicken pet CBD tincture will leave your pet satisfied and happy, whether they’re purring or wagging their tail.

We believe that your pet deserves the best, so we always make our CBD pet tinctures with the best hemp-derived cannabidiol, along with MCT oil and natural flavoring, so that your pet believes he’s just getting a tasty treat.

We always strive for the type of CBD oil for pets that’s easy to use, flexible, and flavorful. And with our easy-to-use droppers, you’ll be able to effortlessly incorporate this CBD oil into your pet’s food or treats! Our beef-flavored CBD oil for pets is available in the dosages 100 mg, 250 mg and 500 mg.

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“It tastes like chicken!”

That’s what your beloved canine or feline will think when they get a taste of our CBD pet tinctures, which were made just for them.

But all you’ll be thinking about is how noticeable our CBD’s benefits will help your fur baby.

Like humans, cats and dogs have the same series of receptors with a relationship with CBD, known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is known to play a large role in stress, pain and sleep.

We understand that our fellow pet owners want only the best for their furry family members; that’s why we put the utmost care in formulating these best selling tinctures just for them, so that you have the peace of mind. Our CBD tinctures are made with pure hemp extract oil, and is free of herbicides, pesticides, additives, and preservatives, and always includes a certificate of analysis.

Besides a range of dosage, we also offer an assortment of flavors that your cat or dog will love, and this chicken-flavored tincture will easily tempt your dog or cat, whether it’s in drops straight from the bottle, or incorporated into their food to ease to help relax or to give them some anti-inflammatory relief.

Chicken CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil for pets doesn’t contain THC, so it won’t make your pets high. This is important, because THC can actually make your pet sick.
Pet CBD doses come in different mg amounts because the amounts can vary a bit. Dogs and cats need less CBD than humans do, and especially in the case of dogs, there’s a greater variety in weight, which is one of main factors in determining CBD dosage.
CBD is not meant to treat epilepsy, JustCBD doesn’t claim to treat or cure such conditions. It’s recommended to consult your veterinarian about how to treat your cat’s epilepsy.
There is not enough evidence to indicate that CBD can help dogs with anxiety, and our products are not meant to cure, treat, or heal anxiety disorders. If you believe that your dog is experiencing anxiety, always consult your veterinarian about the best options.

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100mg, 250mg, 500mg