Sugar Free CBD Gummies

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*** Our Sugar-Free Gummies contain Maltitol Syrup as a sweetener. A small number of people may experience an adverse reaction to Maltitol Syrup. Sugar-Free is on limited supply due to supply chain issues. We do not know when these gummies will return as of yet***

Sugar-free has never been so sweet–and it makes the perfect CBD break! These sugar-free CBD gummies are made with maltitol syrup instead of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, and feature the potency of CBD you can only get from some of the world’s best hemp.

And with a wide variety of sizes, there’s no reason not to try CBD sugar-free! Those new to CBD are encouraged to start small with the 250mg dosage, while CBD veterans may be more interested in the 3000mg jar.

While the CBD found in the sugar free gummies does stem from the cannabis plant, it will not give a user the euphoric high commonly associated with marijuana. They should still, however, be kept away from children.

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Calm your nerves and satisfy your sweet tooth. Our classic gummies are back with a revamped, sugar-free recipe, with the same amazing taste.

Just as you did as a kid, and as you might have even done with our OG bear gummies, you’ll enjoy the differently colored flavors, and mix & match your favorites!

Sugar-free CBD gummies are made with maltitol syrup as a sweetener, while standard CBD gummies like our 500mg worms are made with corn syrup and sugar derived from beets.
The 250mg jar is most recommended for those who are new to CBD, and will likely do best with a lower dose. Most lovers of CBD gummies may work their way up with their dosages, but the 1000mg and 3000mg jars are best for either those more used to CBD, those who want to go a while without having to buy more CBD gummies, or those who are looking to share.
We simply wanted to offer an option for those who must avoid sugar, whatever that reason might be, but we also wanted it to be a CBD option that tasted great.
This depends on the dose of CBD you want per day. For reference, these gummies contain about 10 mg of CBD each.
Whether you choose sugar free or CBD vegan gummies will ultimately depend on your preference and needs. While vegan CBD gummies are free of gelatin or animal products, they do contain cane sugar. Sugar-free CBD gummies, on the other hand, are made with maltitol syrup instead of sugar, and they do include gelatin.