Sugar Free Worms


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  • What happens if I take CBD gummies that are expired?

    While it is not recommended to eat CBD gummies that are expired, there is nothing inherently dangerous about them, as

  • What are the cons of CBD gummies?

    Among the numerous pros behind CBD gummies, the main con is that they aren’t the fastest-acting, especially when you compare them to inhalable products like vapes. However, you can expect the overall effects of CBD gummies to last longer as a result.

  • Do CBD gummies work for anxiety?

    There is currently not enough evidence supporting the claim that CBD gummies can treat or cure anxiety.

  • How long before I feel the effects of CBD gummies?

    Typically, CBD gummies take around 30-60 minutes before they hit the bloodstream.

  • Do you feel high on CBD gummies?

    While CBD gummies won’t make you feel high, many users report feeling a sense of calm and focus.

  • Can you take too many CBD gummies?

    While it doesn’t appear that any amount of CBD can produce a lethal effect, high doses may cause some adverse side effects, including nausea, dizziness, constipation, and dry mouth.