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What Your Favourite Fruit Flavour Says About You


Want to know what the fruit flavour you pick says about you? Below are 20 of our most popular flavours as well as the symbolism and meaning behind each one.

Kiwi: Wild & Unique

Kiwis are the fruit of happiness. They are a reflection of your bold desires and uniqueness. The tangy taste of this quirky fruit makes it stand out from the crowd just like you. 

Banana: Friendly & Caring

Bananas are symbolic of positivity. They ooze good energy, good nutrition and high vibes. Bananas like you might appear hard from the outside but peel back the layers to reveal a softer caring inside.

Peach: Ambitious & Outgoing

The perky peach is synonymous with longevity and vitality. If you’re drawn to peach it means you’re going to have a long and fun-filled life.

Pear: Feminine & Kind

Pears are associated with fruitfulness and femininity. The curvy shape of the pear represents the female form. If pear is your go-to flavour it’s likely you’re in touch with your feminine side.

Lemon: You Love To Clean

Lemons are the fruit of purification. If you pick lemon you like clean and fresh scents which suggest you also like a clean and orderly home.

Watermelon: Smart & Hardworking

Dreaming of a watermelon denotes work and intellect. If you’re drawn to watermelon flavour it’s likely you’re a hardworking intellect.

Raspberry: Delicate & Kind

Raspberries symbolise the heart. The red juice inside is believed to be the blood that flows through our hearts. The centre of our hearts is where kindness derives. It’s likely you’re the heart and soul of your friendship group if you pick this fruit.

Strawberry: Young & Romantic

Strawberries are associated with spring and rebirth, as well as youthfulness and love. If strawberries are your go-to fruit you’re young at heart and yearn for romance.

Grapefruit: Spiritual & Loving

The gallant grapefruit, a symbol of spirituality, encourages us to go within. If you choose this mystical fruit you’re in touch with your own spiritual side.

Plum: Determined

The plum is a symbol of hope and perseverance. Picking this fruit shows your determination to succeed in all of your endeavours.

Orange: Happy & Energetic

Oranges are connected to sunshine and joy. They represent happiness, creativity and optimism. If you’re drawn to orange you’re a natural optimist.

Grape: Practical & Logical

Grapes are one of the most symbolic fruits and stand for abundance, good luck and practicality.  If you like the grape flavour it’s likely you’re a practical person that uses logic to get results.

Mango: Wealthy & Clever

The mighty mango or King of fruit represents prosperity and knowledge. If mango is your flavour of choice you’re smart and cash flows easily to you.

Blackberry: Family Orientated

Blackberries are synonymous with relationships. If you haven’t started a family yet you want to.

Apple: Classic & Stable

The sacred apple is an often understated fruit. The person that picks the apple is dependable with a classic style about them.

Cherry: Happy-Go-Lucky

Cherries are the fruits of good fortune. A person that favours cherry is easygoing and things just always seem to work out for them. 

Blueberry: Relaxed & Healthy

Blueberries are classed as a superfood. They symbolise good health and inner peace. If blueberries are your go-to fruit you like to take care of yourself and make self-care a priority.

Lime: Sassy But Sweet

The laudable lime is associated with confidence and high energy. If you like lime you don’t get pushed around easily but you’re also kind and caring to those you love.

Pineapple: Accommodating

Pineapples are synonymous with warm welcomes and hospitality. If you like the pineapple flavour you prioritise other people’s needs and like to accommodate everyone in your life.

Papaya: Bold & Creative

The playful papaya symbolises exotic places, creative ventures and passions. If you pick papaya you’re a creative soul that expresses themselves through the arts.