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What Your Favourite Cocktail Says About You

What Your Favourite Cocktail Says About You

Is there anything better than a well-made cocktail? Beloved by all, a cocktail can transport you too far off shores or whisk you back in time to a basement speakeasy bar. You might not know that your choice of Cocktail says more about you than your taste preferences.

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The go-getter: If a Bellini is your go-to cocktail it’s likely you’re the get-up-and-go type. We’re guessing you’re an early riser that loves to exercise.


Practical & creative: The classic negroni cocktail is all about balance, aiming for the perfect mix of bitters and gin. A person that favours the Negroni is both logical and creative.

Pisco Sour

Well-Travelled: Always opt for a Pisco Sour? It’s likely that you have wanderlust in your soul. You feel happiest exploring the world and enjoy regaling your travel tales to anyone that will listen.

Bloody Mary

Rebellious: Known for its hangover easing properties, the Bloody Mary first made an appearance in the 1920’s. If this tomato-based delight is your go-to drink then you like to challenge the status quo. 

Espresso Martini

High-Achiever: This caffeinated classic is favoured by people that know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it.

White Russian

Funny & chill: If this decadent delight made famous in the 60’s is your favourite tipple then our guess is you’re pretty relaxed. You prefer to drink your cocktails in the comfort of your own home whilst watching your favourite comedy.

Blue Lagoon

Deep & Artistic: This luscious lagoon cocktail is favoured by deep artistic types. You may fancy yourself as a bit of a philosopher and love nothing better than delving into the nature of existence.


No-Nonsense: If the Gimlet is your poison of choice, you don’t take any messing. You find decision making a breeze.


Bold & Energetic: The Daiquiri drinker grabs life by the balls. You’re adventurous by nature and love having fun.


Lively & Outgoing: A Margarita drinker is the life and soul of the party. You’re an extrovert that thrives on the company of others.

Old Fashioned

Mature & Traditional: An old classic much like the person that chooses this drink. If you value traditions, then you’ll likely drink an Old Fashioned.


Strong but Soft: This cocktail is the perfect representation of the city it’s named after; strong on the outside but with a sweet, softer centre much like the drinker.

Gin Fizz

Perfectionist: Notoriously hard to make the Gin Fizz is beloved by people with high standards that love a challenge.


Glam & Independent: If your drink of choice is a Cosmopolitan, you’re looking to add a sense of glamour to your life, just like the girls in Sex and The City.

Long Island Iced Tea

Life Of The Party: The person that drinks this cocktail only has one thing on their mind; to lose their inhibitions and have the night of their life. 


Laid-Back & Fun: The Mojito lover is a fan of warmer climates, with a tropical holiday being the top of their list. Having said that, they also enjoy their home comforts. 

Sex On The Beach

Put Together: If this is your go-to cocktail then you have your life together which means others often come to you for advice.

Pina Colada

Travel-Lover: Similar to the Pisco Sour, the Pina Colada drinker suffers from wanderlust. You’re never happier than when you’re travelling but often find yourself stuck at home instead, drinking tropical cocktails.

Mai Tai

Content Dreamer: You enjoy setting goals and visualising your dream life but for now your content just thinking about it.

Woo Woo

Sweet & Reliable: The person that drinks a Woo Woo is just as sweet and reliable as the drink itself.